Graduated from the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne - Attended university courses at the University of Oxford (New College), in the United Kingdom.


LLCE (English Language, Literature and Civilisation), with a specialty in translatology.


Professional master’s degree, during my final year, in legal and economic translation at the University of Paris X-Nanterre.




Work experience

and references


In-house translator in several translation agencies and within an international law firm specialised in social law.

I have always been very keen on languages, literature and linguistics.


From the very first year of my education in English, I enthusiastically attended the translation classes, which were offered as part of the programme, and my obvious passion for this subject soon led me to consider becoming a professional translator.

The abovementioned ensuing work experiences confirmed my predilection for translation, and I decided to set up my own business to become a freelance translator.

Apart from a good general knowledge and excellent writing skills, I also have a good grasp of the cultural subtleties which may appear in any kind of documents written in foreign languages.


Thus, I can say that I practise this profession with a passion that daily provides me with the opportunity to enrich my culture and use my linguistic skills in any area.

 Freelance translator



French - English

English - French

German - French